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ONE PARK byGREDThe real estate company has developed and built a low-density high-end residential community together with DPA, a famous Design institute in Singapore, which has become the landmark name card of Phnom Penh. The project is located in PPCC, phnom Penh, the core area of the capital. It is a five-minute social life circle, integrating business, finance, politics, medical care, education and other life, with prosperity under control.

The project covers an area of 79,000 square meters, with a gross floor area of about 330,000 square meters, surrounded by an oversized green park of 33,000 square meters. It is phnom Penh's first garden-type community and has a 19,000 square meter commercial street. Restore the beauty of ecological nature, implant a large number of tropical ornamental plants, build a vivid garden area with flowers and trees waterside pavilion as the main tone, harmonious coexistence, mutual radiance and beauty.

Add: Phnom Penh City Center,No.58,Street R8,Sangkat Srah Chak,Khan Doun Penh,Phnom Penh,Cambodia.


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12-15 floors of quality small high-rise, a total of 1334 households provide 1,614 parking Spaces.

ONE PARKThe introduction of Phnom Penh One PIVOTAInternational Property Management, SCIA Singapore International School, The Lane International High-end shopping Street, Oakwood Five-star serviced apartment and other famous brand supporting facilities are The first cultural residential sample in Phnom Penh.

ONE PARKJinbaone beautifully decorated apartment, including one bedroom, two bedrooms, three bedrooms, Pent House and other multi-family types, ranging from 69 square meters to 146 square meters, carrying the current room occupancy, the owners can freely enjoy the community plaza, swimming pool, gym, jacuzzi and sauna, relaxed and comfortable, permeate every corner of life


Enjoy the convenience of being located at the heart of Phnom Penh's City Center at Oakwood Premier Phnom Penh’s one of 207 hotel rooms and serviced apartments exuding contemporary elegance combined with traditional Khmer art and cultural charm.


Located in the heart of Phnom Penh, Oakwood Premier Hotel Apartments in Phnom Penh combines homelike comfort with hotel-style


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 ONEPARKLocated in the heart of Phnom Penh, PPCC Phnom Penh City Center, The Project was developed by GRED (Graticity Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.), a famous developer, and designed by Singapore DPA, a world-famous architectural design institute. It is a large garden comprehensive community covering an area of 7.9 hectares with a construction area of 320,000 square meters.         

The project has 167 townhouses, 14 small high-rise apartments, 2 office buildings, 210 serviced apartments, Singapore International School and 20,000 square meters supporting business district. With a total market value of about $960 million, it is the premier high-end residential community in Phnom Penh.

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