hen systemic risk comes, is your family's asset allocation safe

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Affected by COVID-19, the global economy is in turmoil.

Global stocks fell 21% in the first quarter, the biggest drop since the fourth quarter of 2008. Colleague, global imports and exports have stalled, consumption has slumped, central banks have pumped money into the economy, and the US has launched quantitative easing on an unlimited scale. In a rare move, China's central bank made a direct call on April 17 to lower the reserve requirement ratio and cut interest rates.

At present, the global epidemic has not reached its peak, and the economic situation is not yet clear. On the one hand, huge amounts of water are being released, while on the other hand, the economy is in sharp decline. Every citizen's wealth is under great pressure of shrinking.

Under the global economic turbulence, it is not only the reshuffle of the world economic pattern, but also the key node of personal wealth redistribution. How to prevent systemic risks, avoid risks and maintain and increase the value of assets? Become the focus of recent global investors.

What is systemic risk?

Many people feel that so-called "systemic risk" is a national issue, far removed from the lives of ordinary people.

Small ONE wants to say, this idea is wrong! In fact, "systemic risk" is closely related to each and every one of us and every family, especially family wealth and investment.

For example, we've all heard the phrase "don't put all your eggs in one basket." However, if you put several baskets of eggs on the table, if the table collapses, more baskets are useless.

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