What is the safest house in the post-epidemic era

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The COVID-19 outbreak in 2020 has made "staying at home" the answer for everyone.

When the whole world is closed, every breath becomes careful, only "home", always open to protect every life of hope. "Home" is not only a place to stay from 9 to 5, but also a safe house in the face of crisis.

In the post-epidemic era, people's attention to healthy living has risen to an unprecedented height, and the importance of a healthy home environment and a professional and safe community has been fully reflected in the face of the epidemic. This is true in Cambodia as well as in China.

So, in the test of this healthy living, what kind of house is the safest?

Environment is always a treasure

From the point of view of health and epidemic prevention, the residential density is in direct proportion to the infection index. Communities with low density have a small population base and good ventilation, so the probability of cross-infection will be greatly reduced in the event of an outbreak. After the epidemic, low-density communities will become the first choice for property buyers.

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